Good news

 I saw the Dr. yesterday and he says the tumor has gone down considerably.  He believes I am close to just scar tissue.   I have 4 more treatments (2 months) in Mexico then I will wait 3 months or so before having another MRI.   This last round was BRUTAL!   I was given a treatment for Hep and it made me incredibly sick.  The nausea usually lasts 5 days and subsides or at least I have a reprieve for a couple of hours a day.   This time the nausea was in full force each day.   I received acupuncture yesterday and today seems to be a lot better.   Tim is in awe (Denise is not) that I continue to have an appetite while being so nauseous.  Well, all I have to say about that is "pot".   It stops dry heaves immediately and then I have a craving about 2 hours later.  Even with all my diet restrictions there is always something that sounds good.  OK seriously, if there is anyone that is in my situation, talk to your Dr.  It's recommended because its natural and you want to give your body the least about of toxins to process.  I still take Zofran but only for 1 or 2 days.
Radiation is a Bi!@#.   It's turned my breast and underarm red and black. Trip huh?   Freaked me out at first but then the Dr. said it was normal.  He recommended aloe and vitamin E to help soothe the burn.  I talked to a couple of people at Oasis and they had the same experience.  It takes a couple of months after the last radiation to start fading.

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