First day of treatment

I have been receiving natural treatment at Oasis of Hope in Irvine for 3 weeks now.   That consists of Hyberbaric chamber, Vitamin C drips,  foot bath detox, lymph massage, sauna,  nutrition, and wheat grass.  This is to build my immune system and fight cancer.   As a result of receiving these treatments here, I did not need to stay the month in Mexico.  Since I just need the vaccine and chemo, Dr. Rubio set up for me to only go for the day twice a month.

Nov. 4th-   Aana drove me down.  We got to the pick up spot at about 10:00am and Mario drove us across the boarder.   The Dr. examined me and immediately noticed the swollen lymph close to my armpit.  This was one of the places that was initially bothering me.  The Dr. at Oasis had noticed it as well two weeks earlier.  So off to radiation I went.  It's about 10 minutes off site and took about 30 minutes to complete.  When I returned to the clinic they started with detox.    I did Rife therapy(Electric Frequency integrated with Light Sound Magnetic Laser),  foot detox,  light therapy (to stimulate brain), and shark cartilage(for immune system) enema  (EWWW) is right. Not the most pleasant of experiences or smell.  Then I had about 4 different IV's.  During the 2nd IV the nurse brought in hot cabbage and placed it all over my chest.   Apparently cabbage draws out toxins..who knew?   It was  a very long day.  I didn't realize that Radiation can cause nausea but I have been sick ever since.   Yesterday was worse but today seems better and I have high hopes for tomorrow.  It's weird, I'm hungry but then sick at the same time.  Mexico uses very low dose of radiation.  I can only imagine how this makes some people feel when they get full dose.  No thanks!

Disneyland and Dragonflies

So what do you do when you find out you have cancer?   Go to Disneyland!   The day after I got the call from Dr. Barnes that the biopsy confirmed cancer, Denise, Tim and I headed to Disneyland.   I think it was a Tuesday because I got to the parking lot of work and called Brenda in office and told her I couldn't make it.   It was too overwhelming and she concurred.   For some reason I thought working was going to a good distraction but I realized that I was not going to be able to hold it together if anyone asked.  So at that point I called Denise and asked her if she wanted to go to Disneyland and of course she was in.  It was either that or take of my friend's advise of setting me up with someone for the day so I could cuddle.  It was actually a great idea, buuuut could have been awkward. :0  So Mickey it was.   On our way off the Tower of Terror, Tim randomly picks up a penny from the ground and hands it so me.  You should have seen the look on Denise's and my face.  This is where the dragonflies come in.  
About two years ago we were at the river floating on rafts when she told me a story about a man that was having hard time in his faith.  One day during his struggle, he picked up a penny off the ground and read "IN GOD WE TRUST".   From that point on he said he said he would always be reminded that God was thinking of him whenever he found a penny.   Denise then told me that she asked God to remind her that he was thinking of her with birds.  As a result, at the most crucial or not so crucial times, God reveals himself through birds (incredible stories, you'll have to ask her).    So there I go, hmmmm what do I asked for?   As I am speaking with HIM about the very thing, a vibrant blue dragonfly lands right on my big toe as I'm floating on the lake.  Since that day I have come across a few and of course am always reminded.  However, since the C-diagnosis, they have shown up on every significant day.   The first was day of the biopsy.  As Jill was driving me home, I saw one as we were getting on the fwy.   Two days later when the Dr. Barnes called to confirm what the Dr. doing the biopsy already told me, I saw one again as I was driving home from the beach with Rick.   The following day while on our way to Disney, Denise and I were stopped at a light when I saw two balls flying up and down in front of the car.   I asked her what it was because I couldn't quite make it out.  It kind of looked like a Bubble bee, or dragonfly but not, too many balls.  Needless to say I was confused until she said it was two dragonflies mating.   At that point I reminded her of the conversation at the river and the dragonfly.   So this is why Tim handing me the penny that same day was significant.   The best part is when we were driving home from Rubio's Cancer Center a month later.  As I said in the last post, I was very upset.  It had been raining most of the day.   I was staring out the window at a double rainbow.  I thought of HI of course and then of God's promise to Noah.  I wondered if God was trying to comfort me but it didn't seem like it pertained it to me in this situation.  Denise could see I was crying and said that everything was going to be fine.   She said "What other sign do you want?  God sent a rainbow".    At the very moment I was responding with "A dragonfly" in my head, she spoke A DRAGONFLY? out loud.    Then she told me she didn't think I would get a dragonfly in the middle of the fwy going about 40 mph.   Well folks, that is exactly what happen.   A dragonfly comes up on the passenger side of the window and stays with us for a minute before taking off.   Yes, that was a great moment we will soon not forget.