The start of a journey

Where do I begin?  With Gemma of course!   Thank you G for setting this up for me.

This blog is for all those who have come along side me on this road to healing.   I can't thank you enough for all your love and support.  I am so touched and grateful to be joined with such wonderful caring people.

I first recognized the discomfort of my breasts last year.   The nipples were itchy  and the right breast felt as if the ducts were clogged from breast feeding.   This went on for a few months before I mentioned it to Denise.  However, I only brought up the gland part because my nipple , particularly the right had been itchy for a lot longer.   She thought I may be getting sick.  Around the first of the year I bought it back up to her and she suggested at that time to see a Dr.   Well, the Dr. thought it was nothing until the mammogram came back in Feb as -Stage 5 probability of being cancer.  This was based on the characteristics o the tumor.   Incidentally, I now know that itchy nipples are an indication of breast cancer.  Although, not always.

I didn't get a Biopsy done until Sept and that was when the Invasive Ductal Carcinoma was diagnosed.  Why did I wait so long?   Well, because I knew what I DIDN'T want to do (conventional medicine) but I didn't know what I did want to do.   That was until I met the founder of Envita. I went to a  seminar he was speaking at on Cancer in San Juan.   He mentioned only using 10% of chemo because it is administered with glucose.   Cancer cell have something like 45% more sugar receptors than normal cells.  Therefore, they lower the insulin level so the cancer cell are starving and BAM!  Brilliant, right?  I had remembered coming across this years earlier when I was researching alternatives with Anthony (this treatment is not offered in U.S).  Not only do facitities like Enivta offer this form of chemo but the focus on building the immune system, not break it down.

Not only did I research Envita, I sought the opinion from a panel of 10 Doctors at Mission Hospital who reviewed my file.  Their recommendation was not sugary due to the size of the tumor but 3 months of chemo first,  I also visited Rubio's Cancer Center, RCC in Mexico during the same time.  I was impressed with the treatment plan of the same 10% chemo and glucose,  immune therapy but most of all the vaccine.   They take the tumor extract the cancer cells,  treat with enzymes to break down protein coating, then introduce my t-cells.   Once the t-cells kill the cancer this becomes the vaccine.  It is administer through an IV and the t-cell go to work teaching the others who to kill the cancer cells.

Before I even got out of the door at RCC, I was in tears.  How the hell was I going to afford this?   I tried to maintain my composure but the ride back in van across the boarder was filled with tears streaming down my face.   Denise gently took my hand and asked why I was upset.  REALLY?   She may have even asked something like what I was believing, because it was a lie (based on my negative emotions) .  Ok, REALLY!?!  is what I'm thinking because I am unable to speak.   Maybe because I have no tissues and i'm trying to stop the snot from seeping into my mouth.   Did she not hear the cost! Or did she forget that part?  Since I don't remember saying anything, I must have given her a look because she says, in her "Denise" way of saying things,  "I have a plan".

I have to continue later because Oasis not only has me on strict recommendations for diet but sleep schedule as well.